As I sit in front of the lcd screen, chapter five, up and on-screen, and ready for my imagination, I find myself torn. Yes, there are only, maybe, 20,000 words more to write: just one and a half more chapters. Still though, I am torn. Images of another novel begin to seep into my conciousness. I had always thought that when I finish this novel I would write the New York/Oxford/Regency-period-island ‘equal’ to Flyht next – certainly I am enthusiastic to get in amongs the leaves and the woodsmoke of The Fall

But the story that entices me now, is the one that finds people out of time in Estonia. Alice Cartwright is, in this novel, the main protagonist – switched in time on a visit to an old hospital on the island of Saaremaa with a young, ‘dying’, Estonian girl, sent away to the hospital to the end of her life.

First though, I must finish Blood & Fire, and of the story in which Alice Cartwright appears for the second time (the first was the filmscript/novel that was The Mill.