This evening I found myself sitting, enthrawled by the Great Britain v. Norway curling match. I think that I may be becoming a fan. It’s fantastic. And also awe-inspiring in how they manage to throw stones across ice, sweep at them, and move about without falling over especially when avoiding other stones that have been left about. Simply amazing.

However, I do find the Winter Olympics perhaps unique amongst sporting events for the absurdity of the challenges. I mean, why on earth do they do it. Or more to the point, how does one get started throwing oneself down a mountain on a tea tray at 130 mph or flying yourself into the distance on skates? How do you discover that you are good at these things without first killing yourself? And who decided to do these things in the days just prior to them becoming sports?! It all makes Ice Hockey look pretty ‘tame’ and we know how dangerous that is!!