I find myself at the end of an annoyingly unproductive weekend. It doesn’t help, that I seem to have a cold which is sapping my creative energy, as I drift listless from task to another. I never wrote about it in these pages, but I had a fantastically productive weekend last weekend, getting some 1200 words written to my novel, and breaking past a few plot difficulties – and this all whilst having a weekend with my folks in the New Forest.

Then the week came, and with it business. Not huge business, but just enough that seemed to occupy too much of my time. After work on Monday I had to go and do the weekend shop, which meant that I ate late, and didn’t get much done. Tuesday I went swimming, followed by seeing Creation Theatre’s brilliant, if harrowingly tough King Lear in the BMW car factory. Wednesday after work I had to work on the programme for Abingdon Concert Band’s next concert. Thursday, was band rehearsal. Friday, I was just tired…

I’ve been thinking a bit about self-publishing my novel when it’s finished. There are a couple of quite good threads about it over on WriteWords, one started by me, and a much longer and more detailed one here.

It’s probably hardly an original though, but I find myself of the mind that it is a meaningless distinction between the ‘publisher’ and the ‘self-publisher’. They are all just Publishers, and that, for the most part is how the reader will think of them, if indeed they think of the publisher, which with perhaps the exception of orange-spined Penquins, or classic Viragos, they probably don’t.

I have been drawn by the idea of publishing my book under my own imprint, in part because of the difficulties of finding either publisher or agent, but I think for the most part because of why the hell not. I can produce print ready files, so why not do it all myself, if I can – so long as I am sure in my own mind, by testing it on a range of people, that it is ready and wanted by people (I wouldn’t want to release yet more dross on the world), and that I had given it to an Editor to scrutinise (I work with them, so should be able to find one to correct all those things I still manage to miss in the redrafting phase). Why then, would I want to relinquish control of my work to a ‘big’ publisher.

It’s really, all just procrastination for my inability to get down and finish chapter five…

Stop procrastinating Thomas!