After a gorgeously sunny start to today, as the hours have progressed, the greyer it became until rain overtook us. With raindrops on the window, and filled with the comforting fill of my roast lamb dinner, I settled down to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Sometimes with films, they do not live up to a repeat viewing, but this, was great – right down to the shocking, cold, sadness of the ending; the jubilation of success tinged by the truth of the death.

My only regret is that this dvd presentation is made exactly how the cinema release was. When you’ve seen the deleted scenes on the second disk, you kind of wish that they had cut them back into the film, and made an ‘Extended Edition’.

I think I shall make a Thomas’ Special Hot Chocolate potion and settle back and watch another fantastic presentation – Planet Earth

†Recipe available upon request.