At 15:29 on Saturday 1 April 2006, I finished chapter five (or part five, if I subsequently do decide to sub-divide the titled parts with numbered chapters) of Blood & Fire.

And so, I stand at a kind of precipice; about to launch off into the final chapter, both excited and scared by the prospect. Maybe this is why I have been stumbling towards the edge of chapter five, because of what this means. Now I have to put my characters through the final conflict, face their greatest fears and strive to succeed in their various quests. It’s no secret that there is a devastating jökulslaup to come and the return of previously thought-forgotten themes…

Can I pull this off in the way that I originally invisaged back in the summer of 2001?

Against a scarlet sky stand two figures, high above on the ridge; cloaked and hooded, against the biting wind. In the valley floor, amongst the pitted rocks and scrubby birch, Helen hides from view. Alongside her in the wilderness is Jóhanna. She turns her attention down river to where Finnbjörn is waking his way along the valley floor, making his way to an opening in the rock.

Helen turns to Jóhanna, “It’s time?”

Jóhanna nods and Helen turns again; looking down the valley, and to the cave. It is time.

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