I’ve been meaning to write posts every day for all of the last week, but I somehow haven’t had the time. That said, I have been spending an awfully lot of the time at my laptop. My writing has been going very well of late, including an unprecidented 1,000+ words last Monday night – which of course did mean that I didn’t get to bed until gone one (yes, and on a ‘school’ night – big bad). The rest of the evenings weren’t quite as successful as that, but I was burning the candle pretty much at both ends all week.

Oh, and did I mention what a glorious week it has been. Fantastically clear, bright mornings, and sun streaming through the windows onto my desk all day, and then driving home in the evening, winding back the big electric sunroof of my car for the first time this year… 🙂

Amongst writing this weekend, and re-digitising the complete Barchester Chronicles tapes that I have, I have finally planted out Christmas Tree c. 2005 in the front garden, been keeping on top of the bl**dy ground elder and pulling up all the leaves as they emerge – bl**dy things (mutter, mutter, grumble, grumble), watching the rhubarb grow (looks like it might be a particularly good crop this year), cutting back some of the shrubs in the back garden, tieing back my Last Rose of Summer, and giving the lawn (if you can call my small patch of pathetic green stuff a lawn) a much needed first cut of the season.

I feel enlived. Spring is here. And at over 86,000 words and over one fifth of the way through the final ‘chapter’ six, I am finally on the final straight of my third novel.