Warning: Those of a religious persuasion may not want to read on.

I was watching the 1973 film version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstar a couple of week’s ago (seeings as ITV were very nice and screened it on Easter Sunday). Whilst watching, two thoughts occurred to me. One was that Judas was speaking many of the views held by devoutly religious people, whilst Jesus was taking a much more laisez-faire attitude to the whole situation. Now, granted I am getting this information from a rock opera, but still, I thought it was interesting. The other thing occurred to me, that, taking the question of God out of the question for a moment, the whole thing is a really quite remarkable story this Jesus malarky; that one man, with a belief and some views, and a charismatic persuasion could effectively launch one of the major religions in the world. Quite amazing really…

Anyway, I then had this idea – its probably already been done – but it might be quite interesting to write a story about this man called Jesus, but a human rather than religious story – the story of the man with all the difficult bits about God that so many people have problems with.

Better stop now I think, before I get hung for blasphemy by some of the church-going members of my friends list… 😉