I was talking last night with one of my neighbours, Kathy, who has looked after Pepper on many occasion when I’ve been away for a weekend, or off on my foreign holidays for longer. She was of course very sad to hear of Pepper’s death – he was after all – a lovely, friendly, companiable cat. 🙂

Anyway, come July, after I get back from Venice, if I decide to get one or two kittens (I’ve heard that if you have two kittens they kind of look after each other and tear one another apart rather than your house), then she would be, how should I put this, delighted to help out looking after them when I go away. In fact her eyes positively lit up at the idea, and I got the impression that if I went away for too long she might even try and go off with them… 😉

No pets could of course actually replace Pepper. He was a one of a kind. But it would be nice to provide a loving home to a pair of naughty fluffballs!!