A changeable weekend. An odd mix of cold and grey, and bright and sunny and warm weather. To complement this, I have found myself flitting from thing to thing, unable to settle for long. I’ve done a bit of gardening; a bit of reading; a bit of writing; a bit of television. My parents stopped by yesterday evening on their way home after a tour of the providences (Cambridgeshire and Oxfordshire).

This said, my rhubarb tastes good. My wisteria is on the cusp of blooming (so here’s praying for no more frosts!). And I have settled for long enough to write a good amount today… 🙂

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
88,566 / 100,000

The Thermo Tunnel is almost ready. Ódin has been revealed as his true identity. The scientists are putting together the pieces. And Helen, Hanna and Ben are forcing the Þurs to make a decision…