1. What a gorgeous day it was today. After the traffic chaos of the past couple of days, I actually managed to get to work on time today – which is good because oddly, not being a morning person I get more done in the morning – and the second day of car sharing seems to be going well. Green and affordable 😉

2. Not the kind of day to be at work though. Glorious hot sunshine, blue skies, one doesn’t want to be in a souless office building days like this one has been.

3. New geek-toy arrived from dabs.com today – an external hard drive for backing up my computer, and providing me space to fuel my photography habit (Q. How many photos will I take in 3 days in Venice?) 😉

4. Nearly skived off band tonight. There was a bad smash on the southbound A34 at Oxford, and a 6 o’clock when I checked the Vodafone travel, there was an additional news item after the travel report detailing the 45 minute delay. I proceeded with my tea as planned though and by the time The Archers had finished, Vodafone and The AA were saying it was all clear … which it was. So I went. And I’m glad I did, I managed to play a fair bit tonight which is good.

5. I’ve borrowed a piccolo for the week from Amy at band, to practice The Typewriter (listens to Radio 4’s The News Quiz will recognise it as the theme). I had a little tootle on it just now having got back from band – don’t worry, there’s a town house one side of me and a coachhouse on the other, so I haven’t been disturbing anyone – and I’m getting much better at it. In a moment of madness I looked up Piccolos on ebay. I’ve placed a bid on one of these. Now normally, I wouldn’t have dreamed of such insansity as new, these retail at the best part of 800-900 quid, and the one I’ve borrowed is one of these which retails at around 400 quid. Still the one I found, used but *in mint condition* is listed at £49.99 plus p&p so I reckon it’s a bargain whatever the state…?!!