( or Drystone Walling and the Dolomites )

The Deer Hunters

Day 13. 3 July 2006

Monday. Up early, we descend on the worksite in Chies and set to work on our steps. Part way through the morning, the film crew from the local Belluno television station pitches up in the woods to interview Janet and film us at work. We work hard, and without realising, without a break; working until noon, and the job is almost done with just a little finishing off left to do tomorrow.

Heading off by van, via the shop to pick up lunch, we drive across into the next valley to the Cansiglio forest. Driving in past a golf course we arrive at a botanical garden where we have our lunch in the shade. Following a short siesta to recover from our hard morning’s work, we meet with two of the rangers of the garden. Mauro and Giovanni invite us into their potting shed for coffee made in a proper coffee maker – stained with years of use – on a small primus stove. There is an unopened bottle of Grappa on the table…

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