( or Drystone Walling and the Dolomites )

A Party of Two Halves

Day 14. 4 July 2006

Tuesday. We are given a lie in this morning, and I don’t even notice the seven o’clock bells. We breakfasdt leisurely and head out to Chies at ten o’clock to finish up on our steps – a task that does not take long – placing th last couple of stobs in place before errecting a small piece of fencing above a precarious drop, to stop the local school kids going over when taking part in the nature walk that we have helped created.

Loris has not turned up with his ‘spike’ so we are forced to improvise, fashioning a fresh spike from stobs for each of three fence poles. The electric drill, loses its drill bit on one of the bars, and has to be rescued, and one of the posts split and doesn’t go in fantastically well but the other two will hold it, but its not a fence for keeping cattle in.

Job done, there is just time to take a group photo of Italians, English, Canadians, and Norwegians on the woodland steps, before walking back into Chies via the rest of the woodland track, dropping off a bit more wood along the way for another, later, project…

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