1. The progress forward of my writing is, this week, going to be largely dictated by a hot stove, and the 8 lbs of damsons and 9 lbs of greegages which I acquired from my parents’ neighbours gardens this weekend. Already this evening I’ve potted up seven jars of damson jam, and another, similar quantity are fast boiling as I type. I like this time of year. Being out in the autumn hair foraging for free food in the trees and the hedgerows. It’s one of the things that makes Thomas happy.

2. That said, I am aching to get back to my novel. I am tantalisingly close to those two metaphorical three letter words, that I yearn finally to reach them. Not least, for I have a similar yearning for the torture of reading it all back through and revising out the dead wood from the story, and to resubmit to my writing circles at WriteWords, to YouWriteOn, and of course to Helen (that is, I am hoping that she will accept it again…??).

3. The rating for the first three chapters (c. 10,000 words) of Blood & Fire came through on Friday. You can see the review to date here. Together, they come together to award the story 2½ out of 5 – half marks – which I think is pretty good going for the first draft. Notably there are also a couple of 5 stars awarded to my use of language and settings. 😉

4. Last week I effectively only worked three and a half days, for Thursday afternoon was taken up by an interview for a Web Producer job across the road in the ‘OBP Annex’. I think it went well – that is, I never know how well it has gone until I hear the result. It does sound like an interesting job; indeed it actually sounded better after having done the interview than from what I’d read in the job description and heard from talk to people. Hopefully I will hear by the end of the week, but until then…

5. That’s it. Jam making for tonight done and pan washed up. I have 14 lbs in 11 jars of damson jam. Yum!