Not a particularly great day today. A couple of bad YouWriteOn reviews didn’t start the day off too good. This is coupled with general uncertainness about my future once the Validation Tool is fully rolled out (at a yet too be decided point sometime in the future). The pathetically stupid straw that broke the camel’s back was being left off the departmental cake email again. I’ve noticed this has happened every time for the past week or so. Today I mentioned it to the departmental secretary – She(elagh) who must be obeyed) – you know casually like, my name seems to be have dropped off the cake email, and got a very curt response. It was the ‘little thing’ that crashed down on top of all those other things and felt me very low and emotional.

I did talk it over with Helen (the best manager in the world) over a cup of tea, and felt alot better about it. And hey, it’s not like I even like jaffa cakes anyway!! 😉

She also agreed with me that it was a good idea too have joined the NUJ last week (added bonus, I get my own Press Card! *grins*) and will certainly be a bit of surprise to HR once they finally make a decision… “Yeah, well I’ll get back to you on that one once I’ve talked it over with my union rep…”

Having said a few posts ago, that I don’t like using my aspergers as an excuse, or really making a big deal of it, it was Tina who pointed this one about me, I can use it when they are trying to say yes or no to finding me alternative employment. Yup, that’s the other ace up my sleeve – the equal opportunities card. It’s a serious point. The big thing about my aspergers is that it does effect my effectiveness at selling myself, putting myself out there and getting through those interviews successfully. So me, finding alternative employment elsewhere whilst trying to fend off hungry bank managers, is quite a major factor.

In the meantime, it would be nice, since I am a member of the department, to be included (like the rest of the department) on the departmental cake emails (because it’s not always just jaffa cakes)…