The subject line to this post just about sums up my weekend. But it’s been better than that. I’ve not begun re-reading Blood & Fire yet, but I have made a start on a first ‘prologue’ chapter to Mr Tumnal. I’ve also read a bit, and thought about that Other Novel.

I had the best roast dinner last night, roast beef with roasted veggies and gravy (and yes, I did serve it up in a jug to pass to myself). I’ve watched some tele and read some more, with cats purring on my knee (yes, both cats on my lap at the same time – they’re like that). Today I had the (now traditional) Sunday Night Pizza.

I’ve done some research into new carpet for my stairs – there’s a traditional soft-furnishing shop in Bicester’s sheep street with the kind of old men that you can imagine that have always worked there.

A good, and productive weekend… 😉