It’s been coming for a while now, but with no end date or details it’s been hard to really plan for things, except to apply for other things as they come up. On 30 April 2007, the job role of Electronic Production Editor will cease to be and I will have to find alternative employment. Not much else to report. It’s not a surprise because I’ve known this is coming – to be honest I’ve known it was their eventual decision seven years ago when I got the job. To be honest I’m actually pleased that it’s there in writing with dates, and figures and stuff – now I get first dibs (and I think preferential – must remember to double-check the exact wording in the staff handbook tomorrow) on the jobs noticeboard.

Next step is to contact my union rep and see if they are the kind of person that I want to accompany me to meetings, and then to play the equal opportunities card I think. Hey, that aspergers has got to be use for something – I know my current job is done for, but there are other one’s out there in the company that have got my name on it…. 😉