I used to know exactly how many interviews I’d had – now I forget – but it’s something like 60 since the Summmer of 96 (maybe I should write a rock song by that name… *grins*). Certainly I was on #48 when I got the job back in the dying days of the last century.

Anyway today was my interview for the Producer job. Seemed to go well, no deaths of silence and not too much (I think) in the way of umms and errs. In the end it will come and down to me measuring up to their project management requirements (which admittedly I don’t have much formal, corporate, experience of doing). It’s a bit annoying that because:

a) project management is the latest buzzword around the place, but if you are in a job that doesn’t currently require it, even if you have the skills how can you show you have demonstratable formal experience of using it.

b) it’s not as if project management can be considered as exactly rocket science. You plan, you prepare, you implement, and you review; and at each stage along the process you do a bit more of all of it (if you encounter a problem, doubly so).

If I don’t get this job (and I hope I do) then I shall definitely have to use some of the time in these consultancy meetings to find out how they can help me get over this conundrum. After all, they do say in the letter, that they will put every effort into retraining and redeploying me within the business (makes me sound like a chess piece!!)