Have just listened to tonight’s episode of The Archers – bloomin’ heck it was good – it was brilliant. Way, way better than the special 15,000th episode last Tuesday night. For the uninitiated, David Archer (son of Phil Archer, widow of Grace Archer who died in the fire fame) hasn’t been having an affair with ex-fiancé Sophie. The problem is is that Ruth Archer thinks he has been having an affair, and thinks that seeings as David isn’t cheating on her, it’s therefore okay to cheat on David with Cow Man Sam. Last Tuesday, Ruth famously went to Oxford for the night with Sam and didn’t sleep with him, and tonight David found out.

That’s one corker of an episode and now the messageboards are alight with activity (I don’t normally visit there, but tonight I did stroll by…).

As I said, a brilliant, brilliant episode. Bl**dy brilliant! 😉