At eleven-thirty this morning we had an email round saying that our CEO was to make an announcement to the whole company at 1.30pm this afternoon in the atrium and that any meetings scheduled should be cancelled, any visitors would be found alternative accommodation for the duration and reception would be closed. Speculation was of course rife as to what the announcement would be.

When it came, it was announced that Blackwell are to ‘merge’ with John Wiley. They said merge of course, but this was followed by the Blackwell shareholders were selling to Wiley, and indeed, already on the Wiley website they had it down as Wiley to Acquire Blackwell Publishing (Holdings) Ltd. in their corporate news – which is of course what it is.

Just what the implications are for all concerned, we are yet to discover, but it’s slowly working its way round the news outlets. The Bookseller and The Times as to the FT, and at a cool £572 million it will almost certainly hit the other news outlets…

Ho hum, life is but change!