Partly in a response to a resupply request of some Electronic Deliverables made by TechBooks in which, in additon to supplying them to the ftp site they sent me a copy of the file: mnr_v0_i0_aor_g9E7B1C7A-0716-4F26-B756-B5B2788E7562.go with the message:

p.s.: Although we have uploaded the zip file and manifest file on the site, its still processing from there. We have attached the manifest file for you incase you require this.

and partly in response to the aforementioned company announcement, the following conversation thus ensued with my friend and colleague Elizabeth Ewing

Me: And why exactly would I require a god-forsaken manifest file in an email??!!! *hits head on desk repeatedly*

Dreadful Lizzy: My dear Thos – Knock that off, you’ll make a dent in the desk! 😉 You see, you do under-rate yourself. I haven’t the first foggy clue what a manifest file is, or why you wouldn’t want one. (Translation: better you than me, mate…)

Me: So anyway, whatcha up to this weekend? An exciting two days devoted to the creative word (as opposed to unoriginal rehashed astronomical gibberish…)?

Dreadful Lizzy: Going up to St. Andrews Saturday for a confab with my writer pals Debby (Deborah Turner Harris) and Bob (Robert J. Harris). Bob is a plot-factory, so I’m going to feed him a little background and see what he comes up with (I’m the world’s worst plotter). With any luck, something to send to my editor in NY! Sunday is housework, as my in-laws (who are in fact lovely people) are coming up for Thanksgiving, i.e. the weekend after this one. Gibber… hate housework but love a clean, tidy house. Go figure… How about you?

Me: A walk in autumnal woods if there’s any colour left after the wild winds and perpetual rain, and fixing up my novel. After today’s announcement getting published and becoming the next JK Rowling has got to be the best answer for sanity (yeah, I know I am being hopelessly unrealistic but hey, it’s Friday, and if you can’t dream on Friday when can you dream?!)

Dreadful Lizzy: >becoming the next JK Rowling Race ya? 😉

Me: Well I’ve got the finished first draft, you’ve not even got yourself a plot! *grins* On your marks, get set…

Dreadful Lizzy: First one to get a contract wins! 🙂 Size of advance does not matter. Existence of advance does!

Me: Does Macmillan New Writing count, where you don’t get an advance but just pitiful royalties?

Dreadful Lizzy: Dunno, will have to look at it! And royalties are always pitiful, didn’t anyone ever tell you that? Unless, of course, you’re the next JK Rowling – wait, isn’t this where we started this conversation? 😉