My parents have come visiting me this weekend – it’s my mum’s birthday tomorrow, and my concert too. They actually arrived earlier than expecting, and seeing as my meringues for Sunday were still in the oven at a ‘barely on’ temperature, we had wait a couple of hours before I cooked homemade pizza at a ‘couldn’t be more on’ temperature, they had time to have a read of the first two chapters of draft two of my novel.

For my Mum, she had read an earlier draft of the first bit a long time ago, and found it a lot better. For my dad though, it was a first time reading, and he loved it. What’s more my climate change science bits were apparent great, and spot on! And you know, he should know. Not bad for someone who got no higher than C at GCSE Science, and is an artist at heart. Obviously those breakfast table discussions did rub off on me after all!