1. If yesterday was dull, then today was mind-numbingly, sleep-inducing, tediously boring. Synergy is still screwed and short of approving a few things to go absolutely no where at all, I would have had a more productive and worthwhile day extracting my own intestine with a blunt hacksaw on a field of excrement.

2. It was also the kind of tedious dullness that failed to even stir the joys of creativity or interest, so even internet-job-searching and novel-revising activities were unavailable to me. Never have I been so glad for quarter past four to finally arrive.

3. Bumped into Helen in the supermarket. She was buying out-of-season blueberries for little Johnny as it was all that he wanted (that’s a boy with good taste!)

4. Have got my computer down from 100% CPU Usage to a more reasonable 5% by disabling the auto startup of a Maxtor Backup Service. Battery seems to be lasting longer, and computer seems to be cooler! 🙂

5. Just made my first batch of mincepies. The band are having a little Christmas party in the second half of Thursday’s rehearsal and so I needed to make a contribution. I’m also out tomorrow night at Creation Theatre’s production of Tales From A 1001 Arabian Nights, once more in an antique spiegeltent (I think nevers that you and sitonmykarma know what I mean by that venue…)