After reading through various forum posts around on the web about how to burn programmes recorded on my Humax Digibox to dvd and failing miserably to even understand them, I have finally come across the the definitive and easiest and simplest guide! It pleases me because all the forum pages I could find were horribly complicated, and confusing and not for the likes of my little ol’ brain. This solution is quick and simple and easy, and my brain likes it! 🙂

  1. Download humax files using Media eLinker and standard USB cable
  2. Rename .ts files to .mpg files if necessary (you will need to make sure your computer has a MPEG-2 codec)
  3. Use VideoRedo to copy edit out adverts, and convert to VOB file
  4. Use Nero 7.5 (Nero Vision) to burn DVD.
  5. Play! And Enjoy!