1. I have now got myself, thanks to my Career Counselling meeting, a new slimmed down (yet beefed up) web-orientated CV. It’s slick and stylish and new. For the meeting, because there was no computer in the room, I took my laptop into work with me today. Whilst there, it found and hooked up to the the OBP Annex wireless network, and what’s more it let me in – wot no security?! Are they mad…? So I downloaded my email whilst there. Not because I needed to, but because I could! 😉

2. My plot to email people for addresses for Christmas cards is working. From a list of six, I now just have two on the ‘uncertain as to where they live’ list.

3. I’ve got ideas and desire to get going again on The Revision of The Novel. This week though is turning out to be a busy week, with Cats last night, and the work ‘Las Vegas’ themed Christmas Party tomorrow night. Did I mention how much I really, really want to win the raffle? We have a first prize of £200 worth of Red Letter Day vouchers, and an iPod Nano and speakers as a second prize. We also have another second prize of a iddy-diddy Fujifilm Z2 digital camera that I so really, really want. I fished it out the box today, and set it up on my desk to charge so that whoever does win it (please let it be me, and yes SSC committee members can win prizes!) can start taking pictures with it straight away.

4. So Tony Blair has succeeded in getting himself into the record books, as being the first UK serving Prime Minister to be questioned by the police. He will be proud…

5. I didn’t say before, but I smiled a lot yesterday. Lots and lots and lots. My little pressies to Clare, Louise and Elizabeth in the Edinburgh office arrived yesterday. The thought was particularly effective seeings as Louise at least saw the plainly addressed, if suspicously shaped, jiffy bag and the word ‘Ultra’ in the corner and thought it to be something boring from HR. To find a Beowulf dvd, a box of homemade brandy truffles, and a Christmas card was an unexpected and welcome bonus to the tedium of the working day. I like being nice, and doing nice things. It makes me happy. 🙂