1. Not as productive a weekend as I might have hoped, or at least not as a productive Sunday… I did do some novel revision, although I didn’t finish chapter three. That said, I *might* have finished chapter three. When I converted the six chapters into six parts, I sub-divided part one fairly arbitrarily into six chapters, so I think that I might have come across the natural end of chapter three being a few pages earlier than it had previously. Putting it there would certainly echo the end of chapter two nicely.

2. Haven’t watched my dvd of The Wizard of Oz yet, but kind of wish that I had done tonight, as indeed I watched, and partly slept through, the dismal Driving Lessons. Now I understand why it has gone straight to ITV. It was trying to be a Driving Miss Daisy but failing at every hurdle. Some nice shots of Edinburgh, but that’s about it.