1. Fog. The BBC Weather 5-day forecast for Oxford is for fog, fog, and a bit more fog all the way up to Christmas. Did I mention that it has bee foggy here today? Damn foggy. At one point, I looked out the window, and I *think* I saw the Oxford ringroad, but actually the more I think about it, I think that was probably just wishful thinking. I quite like fog in small doses, it can be serene and mysterious and quite fun, but after you get fog for so long, day and night, that you forget what the sun looks like, it does get a little wearsome. If it’s as much as a pea soup tomorrow as it was driving home tonight then I’m really not looking forward to the drive down to my parent’s tomorrow.

2. I am now officially on Christmas holidays! 😉 All the way through to 3 January 2007. Yayy!!!

3. Discovered that whilst setting up my digibox to record the only decent things on ‘the box’ over Christmas, that when entering times manually because you have gone beyond the week’s worth of EPG, you aren’t able to go beyond the end of the year. Trying to record something for 01/01 brings up the error message ‘Can not record a time in the past’. *grumble grumble*

4. Had a small tasting of the inaugural vintage of Pure Bure Sloe Gin. Very good colour, a fruity nose, but a wee bit sharp. I might add a bit more sugar, but I think I will consult…

5. Have now done some preliminary packing for my travels, and made a list for tomorrow morning. Arthur was very funny; he joined me up in the bedroom and wriggled his way under a couple of spare pillow that were in chair, and then peeked his head out the other side to watch. I have also made a list of other things I need to get ready in the morning (including of course the Christmas cake).