1. This morning was hauntingly beautiful this morning. Still as foggy as ever, as the sun rose, so the mist that shrouded the land lifted, and illuminated the New Forest. Every cobweb was coated in silver, and tall grasses stood like strange sculptures amoungst the heather. Driving across the top of the forest, silver birches hung with silvered branches in a golden light was enough to lift a heart that has been cloaked in fog for days after days. Further towards Reading it was thick again with fog, in Maidenhead a little clearer, but as we lunched with Granpa in the Blue River Cafe, the fog came down again on the river valley, and it was thick again for the drive home.

2. Strained and decanted my sloe gin, the berries drained of their juices, and shrivelled remains of what they once were. The inaugoral vintage of the Pure Bure Sloe Gin, has a good, rich colour, a fine nose, and a nice taste. 🙂

3. It was not so much a case as Goldilocks and the Three Bears today in Postbox Cottage, but Bramble and the Two Cats. After Bella had found both biscuits and a bed on top of the fridge, it was a case of Bramble coming back into the utillity room and standing over the bowl, looking at it and then us sternly, and declaring, ‘Who’s been eating my food?’ before taking to the top of the fridge, and upon smelling foreign cat, indignantly declaring, ‘Who’s been sleeping in my bed?’

4. Bella found a novel way of eating today, one hind leg, each on a separate oak beam, and a third supporting her on a higher beam as she ate her food from below.

5. Bella also found herself a dab hand (or should that be paw) at hooking balls off the tree, for Arthur to poke and prod around the floor… 😉 Tonight they sleep in the kitchen with Barney dog for the first time…

6. Anyone know what was up with the internet earlier this evening. Around 7ish and 8ish, the internet appeared to be dead. It might have just been the OneTel ISP but strangely mail was still getting through, but all websites (or at least a cross-section selected) were unaccessible? Back now (obviously), but still weird.