Helen recently posted a list of ambitions and things she would like to achieve for the year ahead, the large part of which seemed to ring true for my own ambitions, so I’ve nabbed them, and ammended them for my own ends. Hope you don’t mind Helen?! 😉

In 2007 I would like to
– Have finished Blood & Fire to the point of submitting it to a publisher/agent
– Pursue my songwriting
– Find a publisher !!!!
– Get a new (fab) job !!!
– Read lots of great books
– Make art regularly
– Lose a bit of weight and exercise regularly
– Think, learn, develop as a writer
– Find/happen upon love ???

I’ve still been working on my novel, and struggling to come to terms with what I have to do to chapter six. During this process I came across a passage which, whilst very well written in itself, had to come out. Regular readers of my work will know about my choppy style, of cutting between here and nows and different realities and flashbacks and flashforwards. Well this passage in particular confused the hell out of me, so there’s no way in hell that any reader is going to understand it. What was I taking when I wrote it?!!!