1. The new spam filter software that my webhosts have just implemented is fantastic. Where I would normally be receiving bagfulls of the stuff, now I just get one easily consumable digest email which gives me the opportunity to release any legit mail. Only had one of those poor souls so far, and that was the a-word-a-day newsgroup.

2. Something curious is definitely up with OneTel broadband and there dns servers (is that the correct terminology). Although I can access my router, and the router can access the interweb, and my email can send and receive to its heart’s content, actually accessing websites is up and down like a yoyo.

3. After the Christmas holidays I seem to have stalled on chapter six, and this annoys me.

4. I have however managed to read another chapter in my Planet Earth book, and this is good.

5. Work is a bit blah this week. Still, it’s already Friday tomorrow! 🙂