1. Got woken at 3 o’clock this morning by wind – no blustery gales – and I’m sure rain. However later on, the lake outside my house had gone down a bit, so I don’t know. At the Green Road roundabout I thought for a minute the car was going to take off with the wind, and it’s been blowing around all day being very noisy and inconsiderate, and flexing the glass in the windows of the solicitors office next door.

2. First band tonight. A couple more challenging pieces in which I alternate flute and piccolo along with Amy. I really like my piccolo when I get the notes right and they sore off over the top of the band.

3. And I met my new neighbour today, or at least one of them. Tim’s girlfriend was out, but Tim was outside his front door with his mate having a crafty cigarette when I got back from band. He seems like a nice enough guy.

4. It’s now getting close on a week, since I worked out what I need to do finish revising Part One, and I haven’t yet. Not because I can’t but just because I don’t seem to have had time. I will I will I will make sure that I don’t fritter my weekend away and get on and do it. I need to finish it and get the book *out* there…

5. …that is, except, I had a phone call this morning. Blackwell’s have got the book I ordered in. Four British Fantasists: being a book about Alan Garner, Penelope Lively, Susan Cooper and Diana Wynne Jones – or to put it another way, just about my four favourite authors of all time, in one book.