A while back tinyjo pointed me in the directon of the new 10 Downing Street online petitions system, and this one. Well they’ve made a decision and it seems that I will now be legally entitled to buy a CD and/or legally download music from the internet and copy it to my mp3 player:

As you may be aware, in December 2005 the Chancellor, Gordon Brown, announced that there would be a review of the intellectual property framework in the UK, led by Andrew Gowers.

The findings of this review have now been published and recommend the introduction of a private copying exception for the purposes of format shifting. This would allow individuals to copy music which they have legally bought on compact disc onto an MP3 player without infringing copyright.

The Government welcomes this recommendation and is currently considering how such an exception should be created in UK law.

I wonder if this change also permits the copying of a CD onto a Cassette so that I can listen to my legally bought music whilst travelling (that is if I don’t want listen on my iRiver for whatever reason).