1. Yes, dear readers Britain has once again been ravaged by storms. And yes it has been very bad in places (did anyone see the footage of that aeroplane trying to take off from Birmingham airport?), but like all of Britain’s bad weather the media and the weather forecasters always manage to over dramatise things and and make them sound much much worse than they actually are. This is not to say that is very sad that some people have died as a result of the weather (any loss of life is always sad) but it is important to remember that these winds were nationwide and the loss of life was remarkable small. Also they are only splashed across the national headlines because of the media’s habbit of reporting every event in such situations. If the wind hadn’t have been so widespread, and just one or two people died, would it have been reported…? The agenda of the media to dramatise events like this in these situations does irritate me.

2. I am once again living Lakeside.

3. Some more new pieces at band tonight, including one on on that funny handwritten-style of printed music that I found next to impossible to play. It’s also particularly impossible to play when it’s all on ledger lines above the stave and in seven (yes seven!!) flats. I think the composer might have realised that he was being a bit harsh on us when, near the end, we actually got given about four bars with just the one sharp!!

4. Managed to do some more crits over at CritiqueCircle today, but seem to have done a splendid job of procrastinating away from my own novel. I must fix that this weekend.

5. I want to see the film Miss Potter. I may go tomorrow night…