1. When I woke this morning, I genuinely didn’t have a clue what was to face to me today. Drawing back the curtains, I was faced with a blanket of whiteness. Snow? I know that they were kind of saying, maybe possibly, that there could be, if weather conditions were right, some snow up in the north sometime in the next week. So anyway, we had some snow and for a while it all looked very pretty.

2. Sadly, if not unpredictably, by lunchtime it was pretty much all gone. Although having it gone, did reveal some rather odd parking going on down in the car park with people guessing – woefully inaccurately – where the lines and spaces are. More down to luck than to judgement, but after some very impressive space straddling, at one end of the row, by the time half a dozen cars had each reigned themselves in, I was able to just get my wheels *onto* the line.

3. Succeeded in paying for my car tax online. Definitely preferable to the hour-long torment I would have otherwise had to have endured at the Temple Cowley Post Office.

4. In book geek news, I have logged in excess of 500 of my library of books. LibraryThing makes for mildly productive procrastination. 😉

5. In writing news, I am on the edge of finishing draft two of Part One, Chapter Six.