I’ve been getting some good critiques from CritiqueCircle. They are perhaps not coming in as numerously as they do to some people – and I still can’t fathom exactly what it is that leads some stories to get dramatically different numbers. The loyal few that I do get though are positive, they show areas to think about, and more importantly at this stage, point me more editorially speaking to the nit-picky bits that need to be tightened up on.

One thing I’ve discovered though, is that CritiqueCircle does seem to be a US-centric site, and as such, I am becoming aware of things that I have previously been unaware of that do not travel across nations. References to this and that, or ways of saying things that are commonplace in our world, lead to confusion over there. The ‘tameness’ in some respects too of American culture seems to be reinforced too (please correct me if I’m wrong here, my US friends…).

For one, the characters in my novel are early twenties/student age, and as such there is a certain amount of going into bars and ordering drinks. One recent comment, was a query as to the legal drinking age in Iceland (it’s actually 20) – and was phrased in such a way as to ask if it was okay for drinking in YA novels. And this of course brings up another difference in perception. ‘YA Fiction’ does seem to be predominantly a US term which has taken over here, and it seems to cover books from anything from early-mid teens up to 23 but predominantly, under 18s. From what I can make out, in America, it is very much teenage books, whilst over here it does seem to be a bit vague. So drinking even amongst students who are legall alllowed to drink in a ‘YA’ book read by early-teens does seem that in some eyes, this could be a problem. In actual fact I don’t think it will be, because there is no drinking to get drunk, and they are allowed. It’s still interesting none-the-less…

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