1. And so today, we came to the 4th Annual Playing Day. It’s a strange thing, but this is the third one that we’ve had at the Manor Prep School in Abingdon and on every one of those days it has been the most beautiful of clear, sunny winter days that we’ve had it on. Just like in previous years we’ve had a guest conductor alongside our ‘regular’ Philip, and spent the day playing different music to our normal Thursday night rehearsals. It’s good fun, if at times, fiendessly difficult! 😉

2. Came back home and enjoyed a good roast meal (particularly good roasted veg today!), and then settled back and watched three episodes of season 1 Battlestar Galactica – it was just going to be two episodes but I couldn’t stop there with Starbuck floating in space towards a cold moon at the end of Act of Contrition.

3. Another good CC critique today, with a few more interesting things to consider. 🙂

4. Bella and Arthur are being particularly affectionate at the moment. Bella was having a nice cuddle whilst I was watching the first of tonight’s BG episodes, and then Arthur got all jealous and muscled in and for a while I had two of them on my lap, before Bella pushed off to the other end of the sofa.

5. May go into Oxford and give Blackwell’s one last visit before I lose the 30% discount… 🙁