1. Fish4Jobs in partnership with Verticality are currently my two best friends. It was through them both that I had the buzz of the interesting Cambridge designer job (which sadly came to nothing). Yesterday I was fishing through the former and came across an ad for a Senior Web Designer in Oxfordshire – what the hell I thought and applied – after all I only need to upload my CV and hit send. 😉 Yesterday afternoon, the guy at Verticality phoned me back, we had a bit of a chat. This position really was for someone a bit more senior than me but he liked the sound of me and my skills and asked if I would like to put through anyway maybe for a more junior position. So anyway, he went off and contacted them and they said yes, so he got back in contact with me to say that’s what he was doing. Don’t know yet what if anything will come of this, but you know, it’s defininitely worth sometimes going for everything.

2. I need cat food. Well, Bella and Arthur need cat food. Today I ran out of it and had to nip round to the local shop and get some Go-Cat to tide me over until I get to pet shop and can get some Pro-Plan or James Wellbeloved science diet. Your off-the-shelf Whiskers and Go-Cat is expensive! 89p for a box of biscuits which is going to last next to no time. The science diets, although you buy them in bigger quantities are no more (or not significantly more) expensive, and they are heaps better for your pusscat than the supermarket alternatives.

3. Chapter 6, the closing chapter of Part One of my novel went into review at CritiqueCircle yesterday. I’ve already had three crits on it, all very complimentary, one I think did actually use the words ‘un-put-downable’ and apparently they sat down with a cup of coffee to read it, and when they got round to drinking it, the coffee was cold! 🙂

4. Amy was not at wind band tonight. All my other fellow flautists were though, but it did leave me playing solo piccolo. All things considering, I did pretty well. I just have to remember to breath from my diaphram and blow confidently…

5. I have a Play Meeting on Sunday. Hopefully we might get it to the point of then needing to find sacrifices volunteers to read the parts so that we can get a feel for how it works.