1. From 30 November though advent, Christmas, New Year, and my journal’s birthday, all the way to 15 February I posted in these pages at least once a day every day. Admittedly, occasionally I would cheat and backdate an entry for a few hours in order to get it in if I wasn’t near a computer in time, but basically it was so. It was so, for now that it is broken. Still, it had to happen, and now it is, the subconscious pressure to not break it is no longer there, so that’s good. 😉

2. Had a good weekend, just relaxing with my folks in the New Forest. Bella and Arthur enjoyed it too. Settling back into haunts that they had grown used to over Christmas. Even Bramble shared the same room with them for a bit, so that’s progress!

3. Read through Part Two of my novel on Saturday. There are definitely some bits that need attention before I can put it at the mercy of the CC’ers however it’s actually not bad, and I was able to run through a prelimary revision of the part, dividing it up into five chapters. On Sunday, I hacked around the first three pages, and sorted out some POVs. I think the revision process is going to get easier as I learn from what people pick up on in the crits…

4. A Monday day off is a nice and leisurely way to ease oneself back into the week. The reason for this particular day, was because the carpet man was cometh to fit a nice new carpet to my stairs. He was only here two hours, and so not only do I have a nice new staircase and the not unpleasant smell of freshly laid carpet, but I had the rest of the day to write, and to revise, and draft out the next concert band programme … and to do #5… 😉

5. Frakking hell, Battlestar Galactica just gets better and better! I ended up watching three episodes of season two because it’s so damn good.