1. Discovered some strangely appropriate music today to listen to whilst clicking through OnlineEarly, in Sandi Thom’s album. The thing is I can’t listen the track Superman because I have become convinced that she is singing ‘Don’t want suppmat’, on and on and on… Should become our anthem for that reason alone! 😉

2. Misunderstandings in lyrics? Now there’s a thing. There’s that Madonna track where you feel sure she’s singing ‘Anna Friel’ (and that’s not just me!), or even more worryingly, 20 years on there’s a Mike Oldfield track that still to this day has a couple of bits on it which sound exactly like my brother calling my name up through the floorboards from the lounge to my bedroom whilst I’ve got headphones on. Talk about paranoid! Any music related trauma you’d like to divulge? …now that I’ve revealed the tip of the iceberg of the woefully eclectic musical tastes!

3. Finally freed my mind tonight (after three-pages of revising on Sunday) and got going again in Part Two. That’s the good thing about writing to Icelandic pop/rock. You can’t get distracted by the lyrics and start singing along instead of writing…

4. …although, you can end up dancing round the kitchen in a, frankly, embarrasing style. No wonder the cats go out! *grins*

5. A glass of single malt is also a good tonic for aiding the creative mind. Me, in a garret flat? Nei!