Took the coach to London this evening – c/o of works social committee – to see Wicked. Arriving in the West End, we disembarked from the bus to find the Apollo Victoria very obvious, lit up in it’s irridescent green lights. The stage was designed around the clockwork workings of Oz, and the the production values excellent, and magical, and wicked!

Kerry Ellis’ Elphaba – the wicked witch of the west – was incredible with, by far the best voice on the stage. She stole the show. The music was truly outstanding when it was good, but I did find that it was quite the entire whole package that some musicals are. Far from the prequel that Wickedis often described as, it started off as a a prequel but then worked through the duration of The Wizard of Oz, ending after that story, with a twist… 😉

A great evening!