A snippet of inspiration can be found in the most ordinary of places… 😉

Aproaching the counter in the crowded foyer, Louis sees the girl behind the counter. He works his way to the front and asks for a CD – after tonight’s show he has to have a CD. And yeah, so he could buy it cheaper online, but this is the West End; you don’t go to the West End every week.
   ‘That’ll be sixteen pounds,’ the girl tells him. ‘You want a bag big enough for your programme too?’ She points ot the glossy souvenir programme in his hands.
   Louis nods. ‘Yeah, thanks,’ and hands over his debit card.
   The girl goes about swiping the card through the till and inserting it into the reader foor him to enter his PIN. She chats with him as Louis keys in the number and they wait for the transaction to complete.
   ‘Is that amber in your pendant?’ the girl asks.
   Louis looks up. He nods. ‘Yeah.’
   ‘It’s nice.’ She smiles. ‘Amber is one of my favourites. I like it.’
   ‘Thanks,’ Louis says, as he takes the carrier bag emblazened with the production logo. ‘Got it in Estonia.’
   ‘Yeah?’ The girl smiles.