I actually feel much better today – and more positive about things. I’m not entirely sure exactly why. The sunny Spring day probably helped (although even that did deteriate to some pretty miserable rain. During the afternoon, I bandied 100 word short stories around with Clare, Louise and Elizabeth up in Edinburgh, in honour of World Book Day yesterday, which was fun. I came up with the slightly disturbing:

Bob Reisoul sat in his decommissioned military bunker, and watched the organic bacon spit and curl, and the slow dripping of hot fat into the open fire. Small balls of fat flares up and fizz where they hit the logs, and Bob pokes at them at the slices with her tongs. A noise jars the silence of the room. He turns, suddenly, and gets to her feet. Across the room, where the half naked bodies of his subjects are tied to the radiator his chief scientist is conducting his experiments, methodically testing blood samples on little strips of litmus paper.

Disturbing as it may be, it did fit well with Louise’s story:

The bodies were consumed by the fire, resembling nothing more than charred pieces of bacon by the end. The Professor knew that his experiments were risky, but could not have guessed that a few tests which looked so simple on paper could have ended so disastrously. The grant he received from the Organic Farmers Association to investigate the benefits of chemical-free food had resulted in an experiment with such hideous consequences that burning the pustule-ridden bodies was the only option open to him. How could he tell the OFA what had happened? And where would next year’s grant come from?

and also worryingly Elizabeth’s:

The smell of bacon makes me ill. You’d think that a combination of fire and pig would result in a pleasant call to the table, but I worked for Dr Frankenstein too long. Too many experiments with bits of bodies, which I finally came to see as bits of other people: too many late night fires started with paper covered in scrawled out notes, too much organic matter cooking and burning, until the sickening smell of it drove me to run out into the midnight rain. Still, at least I left. You should have seen the guy that replaced me…

Something in the air maybe? Following work, I went to a pub down the Cowley road with a different bunch of work colleagues, and ended up, picking up from a moment of someone else’s life, an idea for a whole new novel. Don’t you just love it how the creative mind works… 😉