1. It’s funny, that moment in the morning, just before you wake. I was dreaming a story, and I was dreaming the actual process of writing it down choosing the words, as it was being ‘acted’ out in front of me in my mind. And then, *snap* and I’m awake and even before I can grab my Moleskine from the bedside table but the story is drifting off. Damn I wnat that story back…

2. Procrastination big time today. I’m not entirely sure how it happened. I certainly didn’t intend to do it when I got up this morning, but I redecorated three walls of my bathroom. I have been meaning to for a while, and it does look so much better, and cleaner and brighter, but why today? Why on earth, today? Will have to go out and buy another tin of paint now to finish it off… 😉

3. I’m thinking of getting some new foam for the cushions on the sofa. They’ve not been done for a while and they are probably a bit thin now. Edit: Actually, it may well be 20 years since they were last done!

4. Finished editing down part two, chapter one of my novel. Hopefully it still reads tighter and sharper. Hopefully also, I will have learnt something from the recent crits I’ve had for earlier chapters.