Well, after that rash decision back in January, when New Year’s resolutions were still firmly in mind, the time has finally come. On Saturday I am swimming in Swimathon 2007 in support of Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Tonight, I went to my final practice session before the big day and did 52 lengths in 50 minutes. Yes, this means that there is the slightest chance that maybe, possibly I will beat last year’s time and complete the 60 lengths in under the hour! Umm, well, just under the hour anyway…! Additionally, tonight I completed my 52 lengths in two lots of 16 and one lot of 20. I have never swum 20 lengths in one go. If I can do three lots of that on Saturday, that’s only two rests and so every chance that I might get my target.

Encourage me…

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Go on, you know it makes sense! 😉