I received my first Icelandic critique of the opening chapters of my novel today. It didn’t come, as you might think, from one of the my cousins, but from a fellow critter, Sif Traustadóttir, on CritiqueCircle. When I saw that it had come in, I opened it up with trepidation and a certain amount of fear. What, after all, if they were pull holes in my story, and tear to shreds what I written about their country…?

I needed have worried.

I really like your idea for this story, the old norse traditions/religion vs. modern times, evil aluminium smelter etc.

Okay, so I had somehow spelt Jökulsárgljúfur incorrectly, but I did correctly describe the storm that comes out of no where and in which Eleanor gets lost (and no, that doesn’t count as a spoiler) correctly. Some critters had wondered if all happens too fast and not enough time given for the buid-up, but no, in Iceland that kind of weather shift does happen. 🙂