It’s been nice this, un-planned full-week off, and I definitely picked a good week for it with the weather. Daily walks on the forest with the dog, and afternoons sitting about in the garden, or be it a ragbag selection of ever-deteriating loungers c.1980s, held together by string and a prayer. And it’s been a productive week too. I’ve revised a second draft of part two, chapter two, and I’ve read lots: lots and lots. In fact I’ve probably read more books in this week than I’ve read in the year to date. I think I’ve said before that I am a woefully slow reader. Mainly because reading time is also writing time… :-

Anyway, this afternoon I had my second dentist appointment of the week, and my reason for the extra two days away from work. An eensy weensy little filling – a white amalgum or something I think they called it – no drilling, just basically shoving some stuff in a bit of tooth that catches those raspberry pips, followed by an electric blowtorch type thing, and sanding it down again according to how I bit a piece of inky paper. Took only a few minutes and perfectly painless. Did I mention that I actually rather like going to the dentists. Much more enjoyable than the hairdressers… 😉