Just got back from Abingdon – least said about the cursed traffic Census that doubled what should have been a half hour journey the better – but, wow! I guess that’s what it feels like to have a really good interview. 🙂

Arriving was a little weird. Drawing into the car park there were a load of staff outside in running kit and numbers on their back. Apparently they were competing in a ‘Challenge Day’ to decide who would represent the company in a Microsoft competition thing. Anyway I arrived, and duly got shown into a room and given my test to complete. There was a essay type question to describe the main differences between writing for print and the web, then a proofreading exercise and an html test. Got that finished and the HR lady took it away upstairs for Petra, the Head of Web/Marketing, to look over. Five or ten minutes she arrived and interviewed me, but it was more a chatty kind of interview rather than a grilling.

She was interviewing me for the job I applied for, Website Administrator, and also for one that I didn’t, a Content Editor. It transpired during the interview that I was basically overqualified for the Admin post, but ideal for the Content Editor position and a perfect fit with the right experience. The second half turned more to a general discussion of me as a person and my interests and hobbies. Two of the people who are required to help her make the final decision were not available this week and so I would need to be invited back for a ‘half hour’ second interview after the 30 April, and so whilst I’m not going to let up crossing those fingers, I am hopeful that I might find ‘something’.

Sadly though I probably won’t be in a postion to have got a job in time for my leaving – on 30 April – and so able to go out in a blaze of glory with a fat redundancy cheque and a good new job with a decent payrise. Still, one can still dream…