Following the climatic events of yesterday, a new month starts with the second of the two-part season finale.

The ‘Big Finish’ was last night, and this episode is an altogether quieter affair constructed purely around a single character embarking on a new life with viewers wondering about what format the next series will take. How many of the actors will reprise their roles? Will the much loved theme turn return or will it be it remastered for a new generation? Will the series return for a new season, even?

So today was Super Tuesday, otherwise known as ‘Two Interview Tuesday’. The first, a second at Sophos for the two jobs I applied for there, and then the second, a hastily-agency-arranged interview, at OUP at the ungodly hour of 5pm for a 6 month contract as an XML Production Controller. I think they both went quite well, and I am now trying not to think about either of them. In between going to them, I wandered around Waitrose in Abingdon dazed and confused muttering bleughh to myself…

My head is just a mixed up mess of things today.