I woke up today still bouyed up with thoughts about how well my interviews went yesterday. Apparently at Sophos, my html test that I did was, and I quote, ‘one of the best that they had ever seen’. It also involved meeting one of the directors, and I got the impression that he was only brought down to see promising candidates. So I couldn’t help but think that one of the two jobs at least was in the bag…

After sorting out a few bits and bobs, I headed into town on my bike, picked up my prescription and then dropped my bike at the shop to have its mudguards fitted. Whilst that was happening I did a bit of shopping, looked around some shops, and posted off Battlestar Galactica, episode 18, to Louise.

Getting home, I discovered that Sophos had responded to my email. I have been unnsuccessful for both. Whaaaatttttt????!!!!!!! I’ve phoned them of course, and they say they are going to get feedback sorted for me. This, I really, wasn’t expecting. And its the kind of news to really put a downer on my day. And a downer on my day, it did put.

Thankfully Emma was able to lighten my mood 🙂 when she dropped in for the evening after work. We went for a wander in the park, and I cooked her tea of grilled vegetables and pasta, in an olive oil, oregano and balsamic vinegar dressing, and the sun shone it was lovely.