The past couple of days I’ve been working extra time up to give me time to leave earlier on Friday for the weekend. Today, I made an error in judgement in doing so. It had been raining on and off (mainly on) all day, but at 5pm, just as I was leaving the rains really did come down in a stonking great thunderstorm of a deluge.

I did have my waterproof jacket and trousers (the latter still stained with Icelandic mud) and this did keep me mostly dry, ending up just a little wet ‘around the edges’…

…that is apart from my feet. Within seconds of being out in the rain, my feet were squelching in little pools of water inside my shoes as I peddled through the streets.

Back at the Park&Ride I took off my shoes and poured out the water, and removed my socks and wrung them out.