1. Another successful lunchtime of editing today. I rewrote one scene, and then skim read the rest of the (tenth) chapter and, concentrating less on the &Thorn;ursar people, it’s already a much tighter chapter, and I think, needing less work as a result.

2. I’ve had three crits so far on chapter nine (part two: chapter three), and once again my fear has been misplaced and it does basically work. That said I seem to have swapped the bad habits of ‘looking’ too much and over-enthusiastic dialogue tags, for too much use of ly words, and in particular slowly. Slowly does it, I’ll get there in the end… 😉

3. I think I might have eaten (slightly) mouldy bread. I was half way through my second sandwich when it started to taste a bit funny – kind of mouldy. It’s several hours later and no ill effects though, so maybe I’ve got away with it.

4. I will be backfilling this journal shortly. I’ve missed so many days, although I have the posts all typed up in a word document. Hopefully normal service will now resume.